We are a Talent Search Company



How do we Serve?

  • 1 : We have a large team of skill specific recruiters who touch base many consultant on daily basis.

  • 2 : We manage very large database of consultants and keep them warm. We have very powerful search engine to filter consultants as per job requirements (Snapshot of same is given below).

  • 3 : Once the requirement comes from client recruiter comes into action. Mandate for them into serve every requirement within 2-4 hours.

  • 4 : The moment consultant is finalized by recruiter. Tech check team comes into action to qualify the consultant for the particular position. After qualification, consultant is stamped for quality DB.

Powerful Search Engine

Service History

we serve 90% requirement from our
internal database.

Consultant Database

we have our internal database with powerfull search engine.

Requirment Received

Requirments Received in Last 30 Days.

Requirment Served

Requirments Served in Last 30 Days.

Time To Serve

We fulfill your requirements within this
Time Period.

General Skills

2 Hrs.

Niche Skills

4 Hrs.

Hard to find Skills

24 Hrs.

Our Services

Software Development

We deliver cost-effective business support so that you can do what you do best: maximize profits for your company. Our associates meet your requirements in reports creation. We are empowered and blessed with a strong team of Software Developers, Resource Specialists, Business developers, and innovative and creative staff.

Staffing Augmentation

In-Time Infotech is dedicated to provide IT services using latest technologies & trends. We offer our Staff Augmentation, IT-consulting & Software development services to all our clients at most of the overseas locations with our highly skilled consultants having vast experience in their relevant fields.

IT Consulting

Intime infotech is committed to provide customer satisfaction through commitment highest standards of services. With a range of skill sets and a flexible support network. Intime Infotech can deliver quick and cost effective resources to our valued Clients.

Contact With us

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TelePhone: (302-401-6677)